Apr. 28th, 2017

a_shadow: (Serious)
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Who: Tex and L
When: Night of April 30
Where: Their condo
What: Tex has her first nightmare
Warnings: Descriptions of blood and gore, taken from the OOC post for the current plot

Sense the crowd expecting something more )
inconsequence: (step 1: draw the Gourd...)
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Who: Chara and Mettaton. AGAIN.
When: 4/28
Where: House in the shape of Mettaton's face
What: Mistakes have been made, two kids with wild abandonment issues consequently suffer, and Chara's here to make the quo more status.
Warnings: Chara. Potential discussion of trauma. More to be added if necessary.
after i apologized for the earthquakes which killed thousands. )