Mar. 25th, 2017

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Tron hasn't been seen around much since his loss to Erik in the Games. Most of this time has been spent in his sparse quarters, allowing his self-repair algorithms to work on his minor injuries (and largely attempting to ignore the not-so-minor ones).

He lost. How could he lose in the Games? Granted, they weren't the same type of Games as back on the Grid, but still... this was what Tron was best at... perhaps not his original design, but whether as Tron or Rinzler, he was undefeated. Until now.

Despite the self-deprecating thoughts running rampant through his processor, Tron can't remain sequestered in his room forever. Eventually, he emerges, and can be found either walking slowly through the Ingress Complex halls, or on the way to R1. One might notice that he is holding his right arm stiffly and close to his body, though no visible injury shows on the outside of his suit.
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Who: Team Voltron, other residents of the Lion House, and anyone else who might have reason to stop by.
When: Late March
Where: Lion House
What: Lance throws a pizza party.
Warnings: Mild space racism is inevitable, but other than that, probably nothing

get it? melt with you? because pizza has melty cheese and ice cream melts? )
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Who: Declan & St. Monmouth folks, or anyone.
When: late March
Where: St. Monmouth
What: Declan realizes that even running away to another planet doesn't solve any of his problems.
Warnings: language. will update as threads progress

Nighttime is the right time )