Mar. 4th, 2017

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Who: Lucifer and whoever likes a good time, really.
When: All month long. The party never stops.
Where: Why at Lux of course. Various dance floors, balconies overlooking said floors, plush and posh seating, a hell of a good bar, and Lucifer's penthouse if you're spectacularly lucky.
What: After the grand opening, and some breaking in, Lux is in business properly.
Warnings: Drinking, possible drug use, sexual content, and more warnings to come later.

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Who: Bucky Barnes, Andyr Prince
When: Early March
Where: Andyr's Farmhouse
What: Someone has some catching up to do.
Warnings: None.

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Who: Katsa and Po
When: Today
Where: Kauto
What: Po's arrived
Warnings: n/a - will change if required. Amendments to make game compliant from here.

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