Jan. 1st, 2017

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Who: Alan Bradley and Nihlus
When: Some time during the last week of December
Where: Outskirts of camp
What: Nihlus still hasn’t told Alan why he attacked Rinzler, and Alan is 999% Done.
Warnings: Discussion of violence, possible amputation mention.

but that was just a dream )
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Who: Jim Kirk, Venom
When: Week 4-ish
Where: One of the campsites
What: Talking about a potential shared future, friendship, possibly more
Warnings: None, other than a bit of fluff

Don't ask why. Don't ask why. It's time to get back onto the road. )
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Who: Anakin Skywalker ([personal profile] forcechoke) & Padmé Amidala ([personal profile] democratically)
When: Dec. Event, Week 4
Where: Midway Hub
What: Feelings, kids, general Skywalker family nonsense.
Warnings: N/A.

between the sand and stone, could you make it on your own. )