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son, you better take it all

Who: Snake-kouhai and Snake-senpai (Solid Snake and Big Boss)
When: Mid-July
Where: R1
What: It was only a matter of time before they ran into each other.
Warnings: Possible talk of death/violence; will edit if anything else happens!

Snake's heard the news, courtesy of Miller. Suffice to say that he isn't going out of his way to go find and talk to Big Boss. It'd been a different story back when they'd been on the Moira. They'd only had so much space there, and it had been impossible for them to completely avoid each other. Thisavrou is much larger, though, and the two of them could easily go months without seeing one another, if that's how they wanted it to be.

And he more or less assumes that's the case.

Of course it's a point of tension. Miller's feelings for Big Boss are complex, to say the least, and then there's Ahab, who seems to be loyal to him in his own way. If he'd agreed to play his role as doppelganger right up until the bitter end, that speaks for itself. Ocelot's the wild card, whereas Liquid's feelings are probably the easiest to decipher.

As for Snake, he doesn't know that he wants to put his feelings into words. He's had years and years to process what Big Boss did, which doesn't make him any more okay with the betrayal, but at least the sting had faded some. Granted, having him around again will only open up old wounds.

Besides, what if the people he's come to know here end up crossing paths with Big Boss? There will be questions, Snake knows, and he doubts any of them will want to answer them.

The weather's finally starting to stabilize and Snake is out walking Jaegar. Frankly, the concept of running into his biological father seems so unlikely to him that he's completely unprepared for it.

Life is about to get a whole lot more complicated, and that's saying something given that they were all snowed in for a week.
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The first few weeks here had felt like falling down a long flight of stairs. Flung back into a universe he thought he had escaped for good, only to find out it was in the throes of a minor cataclysm. If only his problems had ended there. John hadn't fooled himself into thinking that everyone he had known aboard the Moira had gone home. In fact, he had been expecting his luck to give out; that Miller, Ocelot, and the twins would still be hanging around.

And, of course, they were, with the addition of Venom (returned but not) to round out the group. Between trying get steady on his own feet, playing information gatherer and deliverer, and getting into some kind of trouble around every corner, John was, frankly, a little beat. He thanked whatever was looking out for him that his first week had only been talks with people he considered friends.

He couldn't imagine what it would've been like to run into David or Eli (or both) first.

Except that was literally what was about to happen.

After letting everything he had learned sink in better, proverbially breathing a fresh breath of air, John had decided it was now or never to get to know Thisavrou. The hustling and bustling of people here just wasn't for him and he would leave for the other planet as soon as he was able. Extraordinary temperatures be damned. In fact, John was so enraptured with his surroundings that he almost missed his other doppelganger turning turning out from around a corner and almost straight into him.


Joy barked. John stared. Well, they needed to talk sometime, he guessed.