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Home design with programs

Who: Yori, Quorra, open!
When: Backdated to mid-June.
Where: Ingress Complex.
What: New neighbors meet.
Warnings: The programs will probably talk about canon program genocide, mass murder, and forced rewrites, but nothing's expected to happen in the thread.

open to all! Kauto or Ingress Complex:

Although wearing her armor to work every day has made her gradually more familiar with it, Yori still feels off-balance in the heavy blue shell.

The important point is, it covers the telltale green tint of her decontaminated hair. So many people are still panicking, with good reason.

She's made a trip to Kauto to spend part of her paycheck on an important backup energy supply: a battery that she can charge from the power in her room. It's not the first and won't be the last similar purchase. Her dependence on the Complex power supply is a weakness she's all too aware of.

The battery fits easily in her arms. Lighter but even more awkward to carry is a very large box of glittery blue stickers that claim to glow in the dark.

If they actually work, as some previous tests of glowing items have not, she plans to set aside half of them and make Rinzler let her decorate at least one of his hiding places. She's been slacking on her duties as his friend because Clu's presence in Kauto frightens her, but as long as she clears the timing with Rinzler it'll be fine. Probably.

Of course the light box of stickers makes every effort to jump out of her grasp. Yori sighs as it falls to clatter on the ground. Maybe she should have brought her PAC-disc along in spite of her worries about losing it and all its contents.

First meetings, closed to Quorra:

Just as Yori reaches the hallway outside her own apartment at last, the box of stickers makes one last desperate leap for freedom and manages to burst its packaging.

She shakes her head and kneels to scoop together the stars and stylized circuits on white backing paper. These had better work, or the shop is going to hear from her.

No one in this corridor has ever been hostile, but still, Yori tries to work fast. She'd really like to take her armor off at last and call this adventure complete.

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