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we find out what we're made of

Who: Hermione Granger, Katsa and open
When: End of June and throughout July
Where: Treehouse in R3
What: Katsa and Hermione are finally moving in.
Warnings: N/A
[ The house is nothing like anything she had seen in the Drabwurld and, Hermione thinks to herself quietly, that's probably for the best. The wonderful opulence of the Citadel was a little distracting compared to the quiet, gentle nature of her house in Haven and the Harbourage had been somewhere in the middle, but this... The treehouse is back to basics, simple and charming and wonderful, and Hermione practically relishes it.

There's no real working electricity, but she can fix that with a little bit of runic magic and some spells here and there - and the offer to Katsa of her choice of what she wants to brighten her own room. She can transfigure the furniture they need and she's more than good enough at charms to change things and make it a little more homey. The first few days of the 'moving in' period are more 'Hermione making sure everything is okay' than anything else - and, it seems, she takes it all on her own shoulders.

Sometimes she checks in with Katsa. Sometimes she forgets.

When it's all ready and done it's already the beginning of July and Hermione is ready to bring her friend to their little home. It's so different from anything she's had before and she loves it; she wants to be removed from anything that reminds her too strongly of the world she'd left behind, especially when she knows that she and Katsa could spend some of their time talking about all the things that were left unsaid. It's better to move forward, as far as Hermione's concerned, and that means pretending all of that is well over and done with. There's no use bringing up old arguments when they're making a place for themselves here.

Finally, despite the chill, the windows are clean, the house is warmed with runes and charms and Hermione is settling in, leaving the windows open and milling around the neighbourhood, wondering who else lives nearby and if she ought to go and introduce herself. ]

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