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Who: big boss, ocelot
When: early july
Where: R1
What: john and adam hash out what they know.
Warnings: #justmetalgearthings

He shouldn't be here. It's his first thought upon seeing the other side of the Ingress and the still startlingly familiar technicians who work on it. The welcome spiel goes in one ear and mostly out the other. What sticks retreats to the back of his mind, for later perusal. When he can actually care about things beyond the fact that he's not supposed to be here.

The symptoms of shock are all too familiar to a career soldier like himself. Detachment, disorientation, the burst of adrenaline as fight or flight responses take over. On the outside, he's on auto-pilot, feet taking him wherever, barely observing the new world around him. Just another new face in the crowd.

Why he shouldn't be here is fundamentally different from why any of the others who stumbled through the Ingress shouldn't be here. He died here. Well, not here, but Here. He died on this side of that damn portal. Shouldn't there be rules about that? If death was his escape back to his reality, shouldn't the Ingress be unable to pluck him back out again? It had been four years.

Hadn't it? No, no, if he thinks like that, runs his brain in circles about things he can't possibly understand, he won't make it a second time. Physically, he had aged. The proof of that was in his bones. That should be enough evidence that he left this place. It would have to be enough, he didn't have time to to puzzle it all out. Later. Much later. Right now, he had to get himself under control.

Aimless wandering had found him a railing to lean on, an area not suffocated by the throngs of people milling around. He looked out into the vastness of the new world, pushed fingers through his ever-whitening hair, and breathed in. Out.

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