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I always feel like somebody's watching me

Who: Hawke, Cole, and Varric. Maybe others.
When: Before the power outages
Where: Hawke and Varric's inappropriately nicknamed house
What: Varric brought a spirit boy to come visit.
Warnings: None. Probably.

[When Hawke awoke, Varric was gone. But considering Hawke felt it was a disappointment (and also a great effort) to wake up before 11 AM, this wasn't unusual. Varric liked to get up and start writing before she had a chance to bother him anyway, so it worked out perfectly.

With a yawn, she kicked off the covers of her bed and stumbled out of her and Varric's ensuite of their large house. The rest was as quiet as her room. Tony was probably working down in his lab. Pepper off working on forming relationships with locals as she worked to kick off their company. Nate was probably still rightly doting on Elena.

Oh well, time to eat sugar cereal intended for children and watch nonsense alien TV. What a great day plan. Not having a job is really the best.

As Hawke is getting her breakfast together she feels a familiar tickle in her nose. Sneezing is a thing that happens when you are allergic to cats and yet live with a cat that you claim to hate but have been reportedly caught cuddling with. With a sigh, she turns to the side and sneezes. Covering her mouth is still something that people are trying to convince her makes sense but that seems like effort. Besides, she's alone and she'll sneeze how she wants.

She sniffs again, nose still apparently satisfied yet, turns and sn-what the fuck there is someone there. Hawke chokes on the sneeze and knocks the cereal across the counter as she stumbles back from the boy in the rather large hat that's suddenly standing there. It's probably good Cole caught her mid-sneeze so she couldn't yell. It means they can chat without Tony or Nate running to see what the commotion is.

She sniffs and frowns at the intruder.]

Maker, what now? Who are you? Why is your hat so needlessly big? Also if you're going to appear mid-sneeze, at least wish me a blessing.

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