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we got off on an exit 'cause we couldn't read the map so great

Who: Lion House Crew + Lavellan
When: Backdated to before Lavellan Wrecked The Ingress
Where: An Unpopulated area of Region 3
What: Local teens and their adults who need adults get lost in the woods with an elf who should know better.
Warnings: None none

((Info: basically a big group tag-at-your-leisure kind of thing. Make your own adventure, poke other people, make space s'mores, let's just have a camping trip before everything goes wrong. I threw up some prompts but go ahead and make your own if you want!))

Getting There
The crew takes the EN-line as far as it will go. After that, they're walking, carrying their supplies. By decree of their "illustrious" leader. Along the way, they'll meet Lavellan and head out into the trees of Region 3. It's a bit of a hike, because the trees are also mostly houses. But after a while, they'll come to a fairly open place in the middle of Nowhere. Have fun hiking.

Setting Up Camp
Whoever brought the tent(s) gets to set them up. That, and decide who sleeps where. It's probably fairly uneventful, but Lavellan may be overseeing here, along with anyone who's actually been camping. Please don't start a fight over where you're sleeping, guys. Please. Also someone please start the fire.

Campfire Shenanigans
There's nothing like food cooked over a campfire. That's what started all of this. Dinner/Breakfast/Etc has to be prepared and someone's got to do it. Or y'know, space s'mores. And where there's a campfire, there's scary stories. Who's telling Man Door Car Hook Hand first?

Great Outdoors
Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the wonder of being outside where light pollution is minimal, the forest sounds replace the noise of the city, and you can see the stars. Stargaze, wander around, just please don't get lost guys, keep your GPS on. Basically the wildcard option.

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