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Who: Soldier: 76 and Ana Amari
When: after this kerfuffle.
Where: the decontamination center
What: mission debrief, excessive worrying
Warnings: nothing yet!

[They're separated shortly after the fog happens, and though Jack isn't exactly happy about it, he knows it could be worse. The comms still work, miraculously, and he uses it to stay in touch for most of the search, at least until she finds others. From there, Jack signs off with a be careful, knowing that trying to stay in her ear will only prove a distraction if something important is about to happen.

Doesn't stop him from worrying--he knows that Ana is more than capable of handling herself, but after everything they've been through, the thought of her injured or incapacitated or lost under his watch is too much for him to even think about.

Then the fog clears, and there's only silence on the other end of his communicator, which leads him to believe she had something to do with it, and that maybe something has gone wrong. Staying calm is sort of a tall order, but he steels himself and heads back to the complex they snuck into, asking around until he catches wind of people pulled out of the facility and taken to decontamination. They won't let him in (it's decontamination for a reason), but Jack is waiting for her as close as they'd allow him to get. When she's released, the relief in his body language is almost palpable.

Got here as soon as I could.

[Read: he tried to force his way into quarantine, but that didn't fly, so he's been waiting outside ever since, and he's quick to close the distance, giving her an obvious once-over for any sign of injury.]

Are you okay?

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