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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Quorra & Alan
When: Backdated to shortly after this.
Where: Alan's apartment
What: Q passes on a present from !Rinzler
Warnings: TBD

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Who: Clu and Rinzler and all their mess.
When: 26th July. (After the shadows subside but well before characters return to the Midway Hub.)
Where: A sad little office-park "green space" in R1. It was carefully chosen to be identical to all instances in the set and equidistant from all major residences for 26% of the total region volume.
What: Rinzler has waited for something Clu only now understands the real value of. This can only go well.
Warnings: PERSONHOOD ISSUES, abusive relationship themes and content, torture and mutilation references of various kinds and degree. Y'know. Wholesome family fun.

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Who: The RvB cast + L
When: As soon as everyone arrives
Where: The Midway Hub
What: Figuring out what to do in the immediate aftermath of arriving
Warnings: Probably language, mainly
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Who: York and Carolina
When: morning august 8th
Where: York's place
What: a breakfast date and lots of Important Talking
Warnings: nothing right now, will label thread if that changes

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Who: J and various
When: Backdated to end of shadow plot to 8/8
Where: Around!
What: J got the rough deal during the shadow plot and once again she's licking her wounds
Warnings: Nooone so far.
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Who: Reaper and YOU (Closed prompt for Sombra)
When: Several hours after this
Where: Talon Tower and across the first three Regions of Kauto
What: Homeward bound.
Warnings: None (probably)

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Who: L, Solid Snake, Nathan Drake, Chara, NPCs, maybe you!
When: Between the end of the Shadow plot and now, with a hard cut-off at August's Ingress plot.
Where: Primarily R1 and R5.
What: Remember this? It's going down all over town. If you missed it at the time, whether for personal reasons or because your character is newer, and you want to do something like this, please shoot me a PM. I will also try to throw a few open prompts up in here if you'd rather start with mundane CR with L.
Warnings: Rough-housing and rough language and probably general intrigue.
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Who: Alan (and !Alan) and Rinzler (and !Rinzler)
When: Backdated to late July
Where: Alan’s apartment
What: Alan and Rinzler’s shadows think it’s high time the real Alan and Rinzler got their shit together. Which means it’s time for a learning experience \o/
Warnings: Violence, mindfuckery, shadows being awful, a whole load of self-loathing in one room.
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Who: Sideswipe & You
When: Post Shadow Event
Where: Kauto 1
What: Sideswipe hiding from his friends, family, and the world in general.
Warnings: Robot injuries

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Who: Roland & Anyone Expecting Mail???
When: Early August
Where: Kauto R1,2,3,4,5
What: old Gunslinger lost and confused. I will match style!
Warnings: grumpiness and weird speech
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Who: Darin, Open to Close and Semi-Close CR!
When: This week
Where: Kauto: Region 5 Hospital
What: Darin's been comatose since his bout with his shadow and it's time to wake him up with SCIENCE
Warnings: Probable blood and physical trauma

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Who: Nihlus and various!
When: July 22 and onwards.
Where: Various!
What: Post shadow recovery catchall!
Warnings: Injuries, trauma, relationship talks.
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Who: Lavellan and YOU, FRIENDO
When: End of July to the start of the August plot
Where: You pick, I'm flex. Lavellan is going to be all over the place trying to avoid people he knows.
What: Lavellan lost some control of his magic as resurrection damage. The result: shitposting.
Warnings: Silliness, secondhand embarrassment

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Who: Big Boss & Ocelot, with cameos by Venom Snake and Kazuhira Miller
When: after this
Where: some bar in r1 kauto
What: John and Adam have an excellent adventure AKA two grown-ass men blow a year's worth of rent on alcohol while trying not to be sad about their mom.
Warnings: solving your problems with alcohol. guys being bros.

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Who: Ahab and Ishmael, aka Big Boss and Big Boss, or Big Boss and Vic Boss, or just a cryptid and a cryptid.
When: let's just say now
Where: In Bumfuck Nowhere, Chioni
What: Two snakes decide to have a heart-to-heart in the hinterlands, or alternately: Who Will Break Their Mutual Silence First. Ahab and Ishmael bond over survival skills and try to figure out how the hell they're going to work together in the future, stay tuned.
Warnings: Rated M for Man these two sameface dudes are a disaster, also possible M for Manpain
(but probably R for possible violence, possible mentions of war crimes and just weird shit in general, language if either of them manage to say a word.)

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Who: tetora nishizono & (open)
When: fluid
Where: generally the ingress complex
What: when you miss your band of misfits from home, you end up with some pretty bad decision-making.
Warnings: PG-13 language

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Who: Shiro & Close CR
When: After the Shadows clear out
Where: Thisavrou Medical Center
What: Recovery to the point of functionality is a long haul.
Warnings: Discussion of injury + trauma

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Who: L ([personal profile] ryuuzaki) & Tex ([personal profile] a_shadow)
When: Backdated to just following Tex's network post.
Where: R1; their condo.
What: Explaining the whole Connie situation to an unamused boyfriend.
Warnings: Probably PG-13 for now.
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Who: Calla and you! (ft. a closed prompt for Cayde-6)
When: Late July
Where: A casino in Kauto’s Region 1
What: Local Created chats up visitors atcasino, will definitely do card tricks if asked to, does not understand fair labor practices.
Warnings: Possible discussion of AI slavery?
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